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Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

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Apr 20, 2020

Marietta Paxson is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of Little Dreamers sleep consulting company. She understands the feelings of exhaustion and desperation caused by sleep disturbance and works with families to find positive solutions to their children’s sleeping problems.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Marietta Paxson about,

  • [14.12] Her career as a sleep consultant. She explains how her personal experience of struggling though sleepless nights motivated her to research sleep training methods and inspired her to create her baby sleep consulting company.
  • [26.11] Effective sleep strategies. Justin and Marietta discuss several techniques to help children settle themselves to sleep and suggest using reward charts to celebrate improved sleep habits.
  • [31.33] Bedtime routines. Marietta recommends maintaining a consistent, predictable, and minimal bedtime routine. She believes in getting children ready for bed early and using a bedtime story as an incentive to encourage good bedtime behavior.
  • [44.16] The importance of sleep. Marietta and Justin consider the impact of sleep on our physical and mental wellbeing and discuss how sleep deprivation affects our concentration and reaction times.
  • [49.42] Marietta’s top sleep tips. For improved sleep, she advises eating potassium-rich foods, soaking in magnesium bath salts, wearing an eye mask and ear plugs in bed, and avoiding blue light from screens and electronic devices.

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