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Apr 27, 2020

Jason Campbell is a productivity coach, motivational speaker, host of the Mindvalley Superhumans at Work podcast and author of the upcoming book, Selling with Love.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jason Campbell on:

  • [02.24] Starting the day strong.  Jason reveals how he applies Mel Robbins’ five-second rule to his morning routine by getting out of bed quickly and setting a positive intention for the day.  His regular gratitude practice and commitment to doing his best also provide a powerful source of focus and motivation.
  • [16. 56] Working productively from home. Jason advises employees who have been forced to work from home during the coronavirus crisis to regard the unprecedented situation as an opportunity to refine their skillset and concentrate on becoming more valuable in the workplace. He recommends using tools such as Zoom, Loom and Slack to increase efficiency and facilitate communication.
  • [23.48] Time and space optimization. Justin and Jason discuss how to work efficiently from home by setting strict business hour boundaries and turning off notifications in order to reduce distractions and improve productivity. Jason suggests setting up a dedicated workspace and performing a simple ritual at the beginning and the end of the working day to clearly define the transition between work and home life.
  • [44.55] Selling with love. In Jason’s opinion, selling is an energy exchange between conscious beings, and he encourages everyone to challenge negative stereotypes of salespeople. He stresses that the key to selling with love is knowing that what you are selling is more valuable than what you are asking for in return.
  • [53.19] The five loves of selling. Jason sets out the criteria for selling from a place of love and abundance. He explains that selling with love requires you to love the product, love its impact, love your client, love the process and love yourself.

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