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Sep 14, 2020

Samantha Gordon is a yogi and wellness expert with a background in media and corporate communications. She is also the bestselling author of How to be Zen in a Crisis; A practical guide to surviving and thriving during life’s predicaments and even a pandemic.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Samantha Gordon on,

[12.00] Dealing with fear and uncertainty. Samantha advises us to use the anxious energy we may be experiencing as the result of the Covid crisis as a catalyst to take our lives to the next level. She encourages us to learn to live fully in the present and to turn our fears and negativity into positive emotions and actions which will serve ourselves and others.

[14.58] Getting Zen. As a seasoned meditator, Samantha emphasizes the need to cultivate inner peace by committing to a consistent meditation practice and she encourages us to persist and not give up even after the occasional inevitable lapses in our routine.

[22.08] Restorative yoga. Samantha describes her yoga practice, which has recently evolved from a physically demanding power yoga workout to a gentler and more restorative routine that gives her time for stillness and allows her to deepen and relax into the poses.

[37.56] Seeing the funny side. Justin and Samantha talk about the healing power of laughter and discuss how reframing a potential crisis as simply a bizarre and hilarious situation can help to shift our perspective and make hard times easier to handle.

[38.59] Forgiveness and loving kindness. Samantha talks about the toxic effects of holding on to hatred, resentment and anger, and Justin shares an example of a time he used loving kindness meditations to help him feel compassion for himself and forgiveness towards the person who had hurt him.

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