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Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

Helping put you on the path to a deeper connection with yourself and your family. 

Sep 28, 2020

Jason is a hypnotherapist who lives in Denver Colorado. He owns Mindzai (Mind’s Eye) Hypnotherapy where he helps people find success, peace, meaning or relief from suffering using hypnosis.

[11:40] Escaping depression. Jason shared about how his confusion gets started and that led him to his past depression. He also discusses how he managed and moved forward.

[16:35] Meditation for presence. Jason explained that meditation is a tool for how we can learn to influence our present moment.

[22:35] Getting emotionally aligned. We can easily get caught up with the events in the real world where we get so invested with our feelings for such events. Jason discussed the difference between knowing enough and being emotionally aligned.

[28:20] Meditation vs Hypnosis. Jason discussed what is the difference between meditation and hypnosis, and how it benefits the individuals who will practice it. And how to achieve the goal for both techniques.

[33:5] “Office Space” movie is the example Jason used to describe how hypnosis really works and what people should understand about it.

[39:40] How to stop smoking. Jason talks about how he helped people to stop smoking successfully even with the presence of pandemic.

[43:38] Hypnosis for personal fears. Jason also explained how he helps people with different fears like flying and bugs.

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