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Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

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Oct 5, 2020

Psychiatrist Candace Good, MD is a business owner, advocate, and author of the book OWN YOUR PRESENT: A Psychiatrist's Guide to Mindful Meditation and Living a More Conscious Lifestyle. Dr. Good founded Sig: Wellness Studio in State College, PA and specializes in college and inpatient mental health. She is active on the board of the Pennsylvania Medical Society and was recognized as a Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in 2017

7:20 Mindful Practice - Candace talks about how mindfulness practice helps release negative energy that’s absorbed from bad experiences. Turning it into positive energy.

10:45 Yoga - Candace talks about how Yoga has helped relieve most of her asthma and help cope with anxiety much better.  She talks about doing breathing exercises to improve lung capacity, and also connecting breath to help manage wandering anxious thoughts. Practicing Yoga helps us reconnect with our body.

17:28 Present Awareness - Candace discussed the three sections of her book which includes creating space in present awareness, and also talks about gratitude including the gratitude for our own imperfection.

22:04 The Idea of Present - It is the ability to show up and make conscious choices about your energy and how you’re going to spend your time.

31:45 Yoga Philosophy - There are a lot of activities involved and one session is not enough. She uses an example of just simply sitting, eyes closed and listening with complete attention to a song front to back.

36:47 Struggles of College Students - Candace has many college aged patients, she explains the students distractions with social media.

40:17 Downtime Depression - Candace talks about how those individuals who used to do a lot of things prior to pandemic suddenly became overwhelmed with the idea of being at home while working and dealing with these transitions. Discussing that sometimes there may be other solutions for some people rather than just perscription pills.

57:00 Good Enough is Better than Perfection - Candace told something to her 18 years old self and shared a short story.

Book: Own your present - A psychiatrists guide to mindful meditation and living a more conscious lifestyle.

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