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Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

Helping put you on the path to a deeper connection with yourself and your family. 

Feb 17, 2020

In this episode, Phil chats to Justin about:

  • [4.22] His daily meditation routine. Phil explains how he likes to start his day with a twenty-minute guided mantra meditation and keep a journal to bring greater awareness and reflection to his practice.
  • [06.25] Regaining strength and confidence. The pair discuss how Phil’s desire to challenge his body and feel comfortable in his own skin inspired him to adopt healthier food choices and embark on a regular exercise routine.
  • [14.53] His passion for filmmaking. Justin discovers that Phil’s main motivation is to create an authentic and accessible platform to share the lessons he’s learnt with a wider audience. His goal is to promote personal growth and to encourage others to talk about their own experiences.
  • [36.09] The challenge of sobriety. Phil stresses that alcohol is not essential to enjoying an interesting social life and reiterates his focus on creating deeper and more meaningful connections with those around him.
  • [58.47] Phil’s advice to his 18-year-old self. His main message to his younger self would be that he is perfect just as he is, and that he should not try to change or conform to someone else’s perception of success.

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