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Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

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Mar 30, 2020

Michelle Palladini is an award-winning police officer, yogi, mindfulness practitioner and founder of L.E.A.P, a social and emotional education program for schoolchildren. She is committed to protecting her community and sharing the practice of mindfulness with women, children and her fellow police officers.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Michelle Palladini on:

[07.52] Using mindfulness to mitigate her stress response. Michelle explains how techniques such as combat breathing, intention setting, and meditation help to keep her calm in challenging situations.

[11.26] Changing attitudes to mental health. Justin and Michelle discuss the pressures experienced by police officers and praise the recent shift in attitudes which have made it easier for them to ask for help.

[16.21] Deepening her connection to others. Michelle shares her meditation tips and describes how the practice of mindfulness has helped her to acquire greater clarity and empathy.

[23.38] Michelle’s policing style. She reveals her preference for a compassionate approach which recognizes that a person’s behavior may be influenced by their mental health and traumatic life experiences.

[30.51] Policing youth. Justin asks Michelle about L.E.A.P, a program she devised to bring the practice of mindfulness to schools and teach teenagers about the principles of leadership, empowerment, awareness and protection.

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