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Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

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May 11, 2020

Davidji is an internationally renowned meditation coach, author, and wellness expert. He is a spiritual teacher and certified Vedic master who aspires to help people lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives by introducing them to the stress-reducing and life-affirming practice of meditation.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Davidji on,

[13.32] His route into meditation. He reveals how the tragic events of 9/11 and a chance encounter with a homeless man led him to radically reassess his life and seek answers in meditation.

[22.04] Ancient wisdom. Davidji discusses the lessons he’s learned from studying the sacred Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita and recommends following Krishna’s advice to establish yourself in the present moment before performing action.

[23.16] Connecting to the silence. Davidji refers to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and explains that the practice of quieting the mind helps to deepen our awareness of the divine and establish a sense of unity with the universe.

[46.14] Choosing peace. Justin and Davidji agree that it is advisable to let go of our need to be right and be prepared to stop scoring points if we want to preserve peace and harmony in our relationships.

[01.13.42] A sixteen-second meditation. Davidji shares a simple breathing technique that provides an opportunity to slow down, establish a break in behavior and create a shift in perspective towards a more positive mindset.

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