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Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

Helping put you on the path to a deeper connection with yourself and your family. 

Apr 26, 2021

00:00:40 – When Venerable wakes up in the morning, he is grateful he has two eyes to see. He realizes the world is waiting for him with his duty as a Monk. 00:2:30 – What inspired his first social video was the path to peace. He went through a lot before becoming a monk and shares his experience towards complete peace. 00:16:20 – Venerable Tri Dao shares his deep and fascinating thoughts on Karma. 00:28:00 – As a Monk, he was trained not to engage in any form of sexual pleasure. He shares how he has let go of that desire through death meditation, monastic meditation and other training. 00:34:00 – Venerable talks about the four noble truths which is related to the sufferings in life and its connection with our desires. 00:43:00 – Venerable shares his experience with bullying and compassion and love shown for everyone. 00:48:50 – As much as possible, we have to approach things skillfully. When people say something that touches our beliefs, the way we respond is very important. Buddhism focus on the right speech. 01:06:00 – Venerable Tri Dao shares his book that changed the course of his life forever. 01:16:00 – I ask Venerable about Monks and exercising. 01:20:00 – Venerable shares his experience as a police officer. 01:30:00 – Venerable shares his thoughts on billionaires. 01:42:00 – He wants to tell his 18 year old self to slow down and look inwards. “Stop looking outside of oneself for your happiness. Look inwards, investigate the causes of suffering, and investigate what it is I am looking for. Look deep down inside and start retracing how I got to where I am today. An proceed forward mindfully.” Get in touch with Venerable Tri Dao: Books He mentioned: The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy, and Liberation: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies: