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Mar 23, 2020

Shelly Tygielski is a mindfulness teacher, community organizer, author, activist and public speaker. She is the creator of America Meditates and See You on the Sand and offers workshops, retreats and mass meditations. Shelly is committed to promoting social justice, spreading kindness and bringing mindfulness to underserved communities.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Shelly Tygielski on:

[03.49] The pandemic of love. Shelley talks about her prompt and practical response to the outbreak of coronavirus. On the 14th of March, she set up #PandemicofLove, a system that matches families in financial need as a result of the virus with patrons who will cover their essential expenses, such as the cost of grocery shopping or utility bills.

[15.18] Quitting her corporate career. She sets out the stages of her journey from high-powered company executive to mindfulness teacher, specializing in working with communities affected by mass shootings and gun violence.

[23.13] The Sand Tribe. Shelly’s affectionate name for the conscious community of meditators who regularly gather on Hollywood beach in Florida to take part in her free guided meditations.  In four years, the tribe has grown from a handful of friends to over 15,000 people.

[29.59] Fighting fire with fire. Shelly’s mission is to help those facing the toughest challenges. She believes that people in positions of privilege, who have been spared from the flames of suffering, have a duty to run into the fire with buckets of water to save others less fortunate than themselves.

[40.44] The ripple effect. Shelly insists that it is possible for an individual to make a positive difference in the world and that one simple act of kindness can inspire others and have an impact on many lives.

[43.18] Connection and compassion in uncertain times. During periods of separation and isolation, Shelly recommends taking time to engage in meaningful conversations with loved ones. She also encourages us to consider helping others by creating mutual aid communities and reaching out to communicate remotely with elderly people who may be facing loneliness and social isolation.

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